After recieving a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from NJIT, I hit the construction industry with a bang in 2016.

While working as a Quality Manager for 5 years on LaGuardia Airport's CTB Replacement project with the joint-venture Skanska Walsh, my learning of the industry was accelerated tenfold.

It was a sink or swim kind of place.

While Engineers and Managers were leaving on a massive scale, I decided to take 100% ownership on my portion of the project.

I was on the Airside Civil team working on Airfield Pavement and Underground Utilities.

I wouldn't have traded that experience for the world. 

However, a short time after starting, I wanted to see how I could enhance my capabilities as an Employee and Manager.

I knew that I had more to offer than my position allowed...

So, I began dabbling in a few different businesses.


A motivational blog, a social media marketing agency, a men's fashion blog etc.


However, all of these kept creating a dichotomy in my life.


The intensity of working in construction combined with the hollowness of running a fashion blog left me feeling lost and confused.


I wasn't sure where my life was going...


That's when one morning after a long night of drinking, I was wallowing on the couch, hungover and irate.


See, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.


On the verge of breaking down in tears, my fiancé swooped in to mention becoming a life coach.


That was it!


I always loved developing myself into something greater and this would give me the avenue to help others do so as well.


Finally, something I knew I had to pursue! 

So, I began doing everything in my power to be the best coach out there.


And after getting certified as a Neuro-Transformational Coach, I started setting up a folding table & chairs at a park in Queens, NY to offer my coaching.


I had a sign that said "FREE PERSPECTIVE".


People were more open to it than I ever could've imagined and my ability to change their lives was a signal I was headed in the right direction.

A short time after that, I was able to merge these two worlds and narrow down how I can provide VALUE with What I Do.