Working as a Quality Manager for 5 years on one of NYC's biggest construction projects was no easy task.


The $4 billion behemoth, LaGuardia Airport, Terminal B Replacement, was nothing short of chaotic on the daily.


For me, this meant taking on the additional work loads of Assistant Super and Project Engineer as it was needed for the success of my team and project. 

That's exactly why I sought to become a powerful coach and hired one in the process.

Becoming a coach while working in construction enhanced my capabilities as an employee, manager and co-worker.


I adopted a mindset of 100% ownership, allowing me to step-in wherever needed in a chameleon type fashion.

I was able to manage myself and my team at a higher caliber.


This manifested greater performance out of those around me.


I began to see things that I could never perceive before and provide value to my peers and company at a whole new level.


I learned things like why employees would fall behind on tasks, feel unmotivated and ultimately decide to leave.

And on this project, as with most mega projects, employee turnover was far too frequent.


I mean, yes, it was chaotic but not more than an individual could handle.


There were several underlying reasons for why people were calling it quits:

1. Engineers felt unseen and unheard

You heard it right. They were up to their neck in tasks and responsibilities, doing everything in their power to keep the project afloat. And since the project had so many moving parts, acknowledging the Engineers for their amazing ideas, good catches, late nights & weekends, value engineering implementations or heck, even just working their butt off to keep the job moving, was few and far between. Acknowledgements by not only the manager but by the executive team. Along with this, many of their complaints or requests for support from the executive staff often went unheard. These two things lead engineers to feel like they didn't matter. Like what they were doing had no meaning and that the company really didn't care about them or their hard work. 

2. They had no mentorship/coaching

No one was there to take them under their wing and show them what to do. A lot of them, especially the new hires, were just thrown in and expected to figure it out. With no mindset training to help with their imposter syndrome and struggles to perform. No insight on how to manage themselves. No one to shine the light on the path unseen. These are key elements to turning Engineers in construction into High Performers. While many companies try to use this as an effective way to "weed people out", the consequences of this tactic cost serious amounts of $$$. Engineers need guidance and coaching to perform at their highest level. Period. 

3. Systematic issues in communication amongst team members


There is nothing more discouraging than working for a manager who lacks management skills. This is a common occurrence on mega projects. Now, we couple that with team members that aren't equipped with the communication skills required for such a high caliber project and we have a recipe for disaster. 

Now you might be thinking, "Okay Zain, every project has it's issues. What's the big deal?"

Well! The amount of profit lost in rectifying these issues is a very big deal.

When employees are running for the hills on a massive scale, it forms holes in the very fabric of a productive team. 

Employees leaving means gaps in information.

Gaps in information means things are getting missed.

When things get missed, Quality Non-Conformances are issued and delays in schedule occur. 

Non-Conformances and delays in schedule lead to a large and unnecessary loss of profit, Owner dissatisfaction and a poor regional reputation for the company. 

Not to mention all the time, money and energy spent finding and training new hires!

That's exactly why I created my 3-phase system for minimizing employee turnover on mega construction projects so you can maximize profit. 

I call it: The A.C.E. Blueprint

With this system, we Assess, Coach and Empower your Engineers so they will stick around on your biggest projects and perform at their highest levels yet.

It's time for Mega Projects and Employee Turnover to no longer be synonymous. 

It's time for your company to capitalize on profits while creating an impeccable reputation.


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- Zain