5 Reasons Coaching Is Not Just for Executives in Your Company

Most construction companies invest a great deal of effort into the development of their executives. They hire executive coaches and provide them with continuous leadership training. Executives have tons of resources at the tips of their fingers for them to perform at their highest level. Coaching is an amazing avenue for executives to unlock their potential. Here’s my question though: Why stop at executives? Why not make coaching available for all levels of the company? After all, there are employees working for you right now that have the potential of becoming your executives one day. In fact, providing them with adequate and effective coaching can be a major factor in retaining them and increasing their chances of one day assuming executive roles within the company. Here are 5 reasons coaching should go beyond your executives and support your staff of engineers.

1. Learn to Manage Oneself

The number 1 thing coaching provides is a deep level of curiosity that leads to breakthroughs in perspective. This type of work gives employees the tools they need to develop a better understanding of themselves and what motivates them. It helps them navigate passed unproductive tendencies, overcome self-limiting beliefs (imposter syndrome being the biggest in the workplace) and ultimately perform at their highest level yet. In all the schooling that one completes in life, never once did the management of self be offered as a course. Coaching would allow engineers to build better habits and ultimately more enriching lives which extends outside of the workplace but positively impacts the work they put forth greatly. Peter Drucker once said, “Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values, and how they best perform.”

2. Less Stress = Better Decisions

The nature of construction is such that stress and anxiety levels can skyrocket. Especially, on mega construction projects where the failure to meet deadlines can be incredibly costly. In this type of high-pressure environment, emotions tend to soar. It emerges in many ways among employees in the form of anger and distaste. Learning how to deal with stress is an important tool for an engineer at any level of the company to acquire. The lack thereof can impede judgement when it comes time to make important shotgun decisions. Shotgun decisions that are nothing short of regular on large scale projects. Along the lines of managing oneself, coaching can equip employees with the tools required for working through stress and emerging unaffected by the chaos around them. This leaves them to continue performing at their highest levels through the most demanding of situations.

3. Utilizing Accountability & Goal Setting

Accountability is one of the most effective tools when setting goals. Meeting the deadlines of major projects are critical for maximizing profit on large projects. The added boost of accountability assists engineers in hitting their goals in and out of the workplace. This boosts their confidence greatly and allows them to take the power back in their life. Bringing coaching into the lives of engineers will minimize risk for the company as accountability will knock failure due to procrastination out of the list of reasons deadlines were not met. Engineers will begin to do what they said they were going to do. This manifests itself in top tier work for your company.

4. Increasing Ownership & Responsibility

On mega construction projects, there are generally two paths employees take. One is the path of “staying in your lane”, doing the bare minimum, and strictly adhering to your job description as it’s written on paper. The other is the path of taking 100% ownership and responsibility for everything and everyone around you. Taking this type of ownership and responsibility means when you see something that needs to get done that’s not a part of your general tasks, you don’t look the other way and say, “that’s not my job”. Instead, you roll up your sleeves and you get it done because that’s what the job needs. Having employee with this attitude can 10X a project’s performance. This is exactly the kind of mentality that coaching draws out. It puts engineers into the driver seat of their life and shows them they are at 100% at choice from the moment they wake up to the moment go to sleep. From the moment they arrive at work, to the moment they leave.

5. Identifies Managerial & Communicational Weaknesses

One of the most detrimental systematic issues a team can face is with management and communication among teams. Coaching provides a proper platform in which these issues can be brought to light and addressed. It surmounts the current stigma associated with discussing these issues out loud. Providing coaching to team-leading managers and observing management skills can be incredibly powerful in shaping managers who can effectively motive their team to meet deadlines and work passionately. In turn, this will open up the channels of communication within teams so that important information is passed along effortlessly and less assumptions are made about roles and responsibilities.

Coaching has become a new normal in today’s fast pace world. The greatest athletes in the world all have coaches supporting and guiding them to perform at peak levels. If you want your employees to be performing at their highest level, coaching can be the staircase to get there. High performance is important out of all levels of employees, not just executives. After all, today’s entry leveler is tomorrow’s executive.

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